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Dear fellow Earth Beings and everyone aligned with the Prepare For Change,

We are seeing many groups and people in Toronto getting ready for some very exciting developments that everyone is working on in their own way. It seems like everything is coming together in a divine amalgamation of synchronicity. We are also planning to work together with other groups in a very big way, where we merge both our energy, resources and numbers to work towards the same goal: freedom, sharing, truth, abundance, oneness and love for all!

We are having a Focused PFC Meet-up this Thursday August 25th from 7:30pm to 10:00pm. If you are interested in attending our weekly meetings, we welcome you to contact us at: [email protected]

Please note: Next week we will also be having our meeting on Thursday September 1st, as well as an opportunity to join a special Wingmakers PFC meeting in the evening of Saturday September 3rd, for which we will also be sending out an invitation with more detailed information. You can find more about the Wingmakers PFC meeting here: and and. Thank you David for sending this out to us :)

Our meeting Recap and Agenda will be posted in our private forum if you want to catch up on our developments or want to participate.

We are feeling very inspired and are looking forward to seeing you!

Thank you most beloved and kindred souls,

PFC Toronto

Prepare For Change Toronto is a collective working to inspire awareness about the issues our world is currently facing.
Through our group initiatives we lay the foundations of freedom, sharing, truth, abundance, oneness and love.
Let's come together and create our better world today!

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