Solar Activation

Sunday 28 August 2016, 01:00:00 [America/New_York]

Solar Activation

3752 Densmore Hill Road Woodstock, Vermont

Starts:Sunday 28 August 2016, 01:00:00 [America/New_York]
Ends:Sunday 28 August 2016, 04:30:00 [America/New_York]
Smudge with Cedar wood from Mt. Shasta. Brilliant White Light Meditation with Earth Grid Consciousness. Explanation of Photon Belt and the Violet Rays coming from the Galactic Central sun.. activating all the Stars in our Galaxy, Activating our own Star Sol... activating the sun of our own Heart with the conscious choice to initiate the 5th Dimension. I Am messages. Restoring the Divine Plan. Manifesting I Am highest Heart destiny of Service. Using the Egyptian Mantra to intentionally keep open a portal for the Intergalactic Ashram. Maintaining a relationship with our Star Brothers and Sisters.... Compression Breakthrough for the Surface population and Calling forth our cousins from the Agarthan Network. Remaining in a 5th Dimensional focus through weekly meetings on Thursdays at 10 A.M. at the Norman Willliams Library.
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